Pattern Club radio #5

Pattern Club
Pattern Club
Pattern Club radio #5

A monthly exploration of both new and heritage algorithmic patterns in music, arts and crafts. Hosted by Ray (Eye Measure), Lucy (Heavy Lifting), and Alex (Yaxu) of Sheffield Pattern Club, although not generally all of them at once. Listen live on Mondo Radio every month (currently 6pm UK time every 3rd Wednesday), or subscribe to this very podcast!

In this episode, Alex and Ray play some patterny music with a bit of chat about Laurie Spiegel and her Manipulations of Musical Patterns.

  1. S C Sharma – dance music I
  2. Glea – recoil
  3. Lil Data – live set excerpt (Alex played the wrong bit though! Listen to the much more banging bit he meant to play here)
  4. Laurie Spiegel – drums
  5. Laurie Spiegel plays alles synth
  6. Venetian Snares – welfare wednesday
  7. Urin – sama chęć nie wystarczy
  8. Church Andrews and Matt Davies – Yucca
  9. Robyn Haddon – our waters
  10. Dane Law – crying out my final tears
  11. 65daysofstatic – renoiser
  12. Beatrice Dillon – 11 square fifths

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