Sheffield Pattern Club is a group of people who meet roughly monthly to explore patterns in craft, technology, music, performing arts etc. Imposters and beginners are welcome. If you have thoughts/questions to share/ask please get in contact.

Instigated by Ray, Lucy and Alex.

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Radio show

We now have a monthly radio show on Mondo Radio! Catch up with the archive on soundcloud.

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Previous events

september 2022

28sep18:0020:00Pattern club #1Exploration of live coding with TidalCycles version 1.9

november 2022

22nov18:0020:00Pattern club #2Live coding with Strudel

december 2022

20dec18:0020:00Pattern club #3Japanese Kumihimo braiding

january 2023

24jan18:0020:00Pattern club #4Exploring blackwork with Toni Buckby

14jan(jan 14)19:0015(jan 15)01:00Pattern Club LiveEvening of pattern-based music performances

february 2023

28feb18:0020:00Pattern club #5Exploring patterns in music with Emergence Collective

march 2023

21mar18:0020:00Pattern club #6Andean informatics

april 2023

15apr20:0023:00Pattern club live #2Featuring algorithmic choreography and both instrumental and live coded pattern-based music

june 2023

27jun18:0020:00Pattern Club #7Work in progress with Hellocatfood + more

07jun19:3023:00Pattern club live #3Extreme computer music + synthesis special eaturing Ewa Justka, Rian Treanor, Eye Measure and Yaxu

august 2023

22aug18:0020:00Pattern Club #8Introduction to live coding in Strudel

september 2023

28sep19:3023:59Pattern Club Algorave #1Evening of pattern-based music performances

october 2023

20oct(oct 20)22:0021(oct 21)05:00Late night event: Pattern Club x AMLEDD

november 2023

23nov14:0017:00Algorithmic Pattern Salon 2023

december 2023

17dec19:3023:00Pattern Club Live #4Featuring Leafcutter John, Tante Verte, Peter K Rollings and Epiploke

february 2024

20feb18:0020:30Kambi Kolam workshop with Anuradha Reddy

march 2024

29mar19:3023:59Pattern Club Algorave #2Celebrating 20 years of live coding community


Materials and venue costs for pattern club events are funded by UKRI fellowship Algorithmic Pattern, ref MR/V025260/1.